Victor's Luck

A Full Length Autobiography

His story is true. 

His life was filled with horrors. Victor Lopez's journey took him to some of the darkest places a human can travel. Now an author, Huffington Post blogger, and soon-to-be Law student, Victor's life began when he was conceived in a mental hospital. He was raised in over 40 foster homes and group homes. Victor has been a teenage runaway, homeless, imprisoned and alone. He became used to being discarded as if he were somebody's garbage. But Victor's life changed when he was adopted by two loving parents as an adult. Victor's wish to become part of a family had finally been granted. He now knows that anything is possible and he can live his dreams.   

His autobiography, Victor's Luck, is in its final stages of editing.  

Click the links to sample some of his writing, including his essay "Transcending Trauma," which won the 2008 The Nation Magazine's College Writing Contest. Victor's story will make you believe in the power of Love and HopeVictor's Luck will inspire anyone who has ever been told that they are not good enough, that they will never amount to anything, and that no one will ever love them. Once a poster boy for early adolescent disaster,  Victor's story shows that even the most disinherited of us can succeed. Victor's Luck is a testament to the power of love and patience. For those who have never taken a leap of faith, his story will be an eye opener. Get to know Victor, and you will believe in miracles! 

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Welcome to my SITE. Take a peak at some of my writing as victor's luck continues its road to completion. Currently it is in editors hands. Exciting stuff. 


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Victor's Luck is finally finished and is in editor's hands now! Look out for more news shortly.

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